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Unheard Voices is available for production at your theatre. The standard royalty is $500. for ten or fewer performances. Additional performances are $50 per. Use the form on the Contact page for inquiries. This play is suitable for all ages and all sensibilities, especially high schools, colleges and community theatres. It is ideal for Women’s History Month events.

Upon request, The All Roses Company will provide the images necessary for production and a Q-Lab file of the sound cues at no additional fee.

The All Roses Company will also stage Unheard Voices for any organization in the greater Los Angeles area. We will provide a fully rehearsed cast, costumes, props and technical support. Your organization will provide a theatre with projection capabilities, sound equipment and standard lighting grid. Technical rehearsal will be necessary the day before first performance. Your organization will run front of house and keep all box office proceeds. $2000 flat rate for the first performance, $1,000 per subsequent performance.